Translation into English and Polish:

  • Translations: PLN 60 per page (1125 characters)
  • Translation of a text containing specialist and technical phraseology and terminology handwritten texts or forms filled in with a handwriting, texts difficult to read due to the degree of damage to the text, or a poor quality of copies : PLN 70 per page (1125 characters)
  • Making a translation at the request of the ordering party on the day of the order, during holidays, at weekends or on non-working days: + 50%
  • Interpreting: PLN 150 per hour (the above price does nor refer to wedding ceremonies)
  • Wedding ceremony:  PLN 500-700

Note !!!
  • The following translation page constitutes: 1125 characters for sworn translations, and 1800 characters for standard translations. (The characters in the document are counted AFTER TRANSLATION of the document).
  • The character constitutes all visible printing marks (letters, punctuation marks, digits, transfer marks, etc.) and spaces between them justified by the structure of the sentence.

Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 15 item 13